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Grant and Jon Parnagian

The Parnagian Family
Fowler Packing Company
Fowler, CA

Grant and Jon Parnagian

Cousins Jon and Grant Parnagian represent the third generation in the family's growing-packing-shipping business, which has been in operation for over 55 years producing quality peaches, plums and nectarines.

Originally established by Sam Parnagian in 1950, Fowler Packing is now run by his four sons – Dennis, Ken, Randy and Philip – as well as his brother, Pete, cousin, Jim, and other relatives. Grant and Jon Parnagian are both involved in field operations for the company.

As passionate stewards of the environment, Grant and Jon want to make certain that their land will continue to be productive for their family, generation after generation. The Parnagian family has long promoted sustainable agriculture to enable their land to produce fruit well into the future, without damaging the health of the ecosystem in which they operate.

That’s why their peaches, plums and nectarines are certified by Protected Harvest – the program that ensures their fruit is grown according to the most environmentally sound standards for soil, water and pesticides.

“Becoming a certified Protected Harvest grower was an easy decision for us – really a natural extension of our commitment to respectful, responsible practices, both with our orchards and our employees,” Grant said. “Protected Harvest helps us fulfill our mission to providing consistently safe, delicious fruit in a way that shows our concern for people and the environment.”

Under the Protected Harvest certification program, the Parnagian family follows rigorous protocols for the management of pests, insects, weeds, disease and storage, while meeting strict standards for soil and water quality. Similar protocols are followed for a variety of other sensitive issues.

All of which enables the Parnagian family to farm at the highest levels of responsibility, both environmentally and socially. “Protected Harvest certification means we’re doing our best for our customers, our employees and our planet,” Jon said. “It’s the best of all worlds.”