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The Britz Family: David, Marilyn, Zander, Martin, Debbie &: Carson

Sunwest Fruit Company, Inc.
Parlier, CA

The Britz Family

The Britz family is living proof that the American Dream can still come true when you’re committed to hard work, superior quality and caring for the community. Those commitments are at the heart of the family’s farming business, which started as a small farm over 60 years ago.

Keeping the land safe, healthy and productive for future generations should be the goal of every grower, but especially for those that run a family farming operation. The Britz family has long carried out that commitment by farming respectfully and responsibly, pioneering many of the principles now being promoted as “sustainable agriculture.” From using the most eco-friendly farming practices to treating their employees with fairness and integrity, the Britz family demonstrates responsibility in every aspect of their operation.

The family has even taken the extraordinary step of certifying its peaches, plums and nectarines under the Protected Harvest program – a set of strict growing standards and farming practices that represent the peak of environmental and social responsibility.

“We decided to become a certified Protected Harvest grower because it goes hand-in-hand with our commitment to environmental stewardship,” said David Britz. “Nowadays lots of growers talk about being eco-friendly, but only those most serious about sustainable agriculture are willing to submit to the high standards of Protected Harvest.”

Those standards require the Britz family to adhere to strict protocols for the management of pests, insects, weeds, disease and storage, as well as for the protection of soil and water quality. Similar protocols are followed for a variety of other sensitive issues.

“We didn’t participate with Protected Harvest because it was the easy thing to do, or the trendy thing to do,” David said. “We did it because it was the right thing to do.”